Individuals and Professionals

Each Client has unique needs, so our wealth management services are tailor-made, created and set up with extreme perfectionism. 

We offer to Clients an exclusive and structured financial planning services, with the objective of following every single detail related to individual wealth management.

We have abilities and capabilities in order to provide a wide and full range of services, aimed at satisfying most demanding Clients needs, through customised investment strategies supporting corporate, financial and real estate asset governance.

  • Discretionary portfolio management
    We will take care of the portfolio management for Clients who prefer delegating investment choices to Carthesio, respecting objectives and conditions defined by the mandate.
  • Financial Advisory
    We provide the exclusive support of our management team to Clients who decide actively managing their portfolio.
  • Selection of Alternative Investments
    We offer to our Clients with complex needs, also the opportunity to invest in unlisted companies of small-medium capitalization, with strong potential for growth in the medium term.
  • Wealth Planning
    We provide our family wealth reorganisation services (e.g. for succession planning from one generation to the next
    ) to Clients with complex family group, in order to optimize legal and operational factors too.